GUARANTEE ( for orders placed after April 1st 2019 )

When you buy your phone with HOWSEA you receive 2 years factory GUARANTEE.

Do you have problems with your phone, please contact us on and tell us the problem. We will try to find a solution for you and solve this through mail.

If you have to send your phone back to us than we have the following standard arrangements :

.. you have problems within the first month > send it back to us and you receive a new one

.. you have problems within the 2nd and 6th month, send it back to us and we will try to repair this in Netherlands. We have a good company which can do this for us. If these people cannot repair the phone > you get replacement ( can be new or refurbished )

.. you have problems after 6 months, send it back to us and we try to repair in Netherlands. If not possible we send it back to China for repair. This can take abt 7 – 13 weeks. In this case you can also choose for the following : you buy from our store a new phone and we agree you back the value of your old phone. ( Bought for 200 / lifetime 24 months / used 12 months / you get back 100 ).

These settlements are only for phones with problems caused by the factory. If the problem is caused by yourself than we always try to fix it in Netherlands, if not possible back to China.

If you phone have to send back to China you can always use a spare phone from us for free. We ask only 75 euro for insurance you send it back when you receive your phone again . Than we pay you back the 75 euro