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Wireless charging

Wireless charging expensive ??  Not with * HOWSEA *


we offer you a wide range of wireless charging devices from the Chinese brand * AMSTAR *

This brand is specialized in wireless charging.


What is the advantage of making your "normal "charing smartphone into a wireless charging phone ??


1) you save the battery because you put the phone easier on the wireless charger for loading, even it is for just a few minutes. This is good for your battery.

2) You don't have to worry about adapters which become hot, No when the phone is 100 % loaded it stops charging.

3) You protect the usb connection in your phone. There is no possibility that this will be damaged when falling while connected to the charger.

4) You can easily use the wireless charger for more than 1 phone ( not at the same time ) , you have to buy only 1 charger and for each phone a receiver.


Buy it now .... !!!  Nice present to give as well for birthday, Xmas, etc ......